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Process of inseminating my wife

Sandra was fertile & ovulating, & she knew it. Stu arrived Christmas eve, & as usual, they greeted one another by sticking their hungry tongues into each others' hot mouths! Sandra coyly whispered to Stu, "I think I'm ovulating. I feel very sexy!" Stu retorted, "And you've always wanted to be bred by me, have you not?". The scene was set. Conditions were set out. Though not homophobic, Stu never actually encouraged any gay acts from me, but Sandra wanted me to promise I'd co operate fully, helping, assisting even preparing them for their lovemaking! And the word was 'lovemaking, NOT 'sex', & certainly not the 'F' word! They were making a love-..., hence 'lovemaking' it was!
Having had Christmas eve dinner, the 2 love-animals entered our bedroom, to our marital bed. Slowly & lovingly undressing, Stu already had an erection in anticipation, They embraced, kissed lovingly, nice & long, & my wife even knelt before him, planting more than a few hot cock-kisses on his manhood. They were ready! So was I!
"Darling", she cooed, "Give me a baby! I want your baby, no one elses!". On the double bed, on their sides, Stu behind her, he lovingly inserted his love rod inside her wet vagina. This way, I could see in detail their union, the way his penis was lodged DEEP inside her. He moved as they made hot love, her head tilted up, so she could put her tongue into his mouth. Her moans of pleasure, as the bed creeked---or were it the floorboards? I had been asked to assist, so I had to. I lowered my face to where they were joined together. The aroma was so heady, the smell of their lovemaking. I ventured a lick. Then another. Soon I was fully immersed, as I paid homage to their love union. Yes, to put it crudely, I was licking & kissing their fuck! I was giving their lovemaking not just my approval, but by worshipping it, was giving this couple my blessing---this man in the process of inseminating my lovely wife! Naturally both must have been aware of my actions, but neither spoke. Maybe they were too engrossed to notice. The aroma was heavenly!
One time, his penis slipped out, so I touching it, I once more helped enter it into its rightful place---into my wife's wet vagina! I kept at it, sniffing, lick their 'fuck' (sorry, should not use that word!), & when his cock slipped out again, I grew bolder; this time I took it in my mouth & gave it a couple of good sucks. No one said a word! I loved it, never done it before, always wanted to do it for this guy, but the opportunity had never happened! My sweet missus was orgasming & orgasming, a series of first, soft ones, then a mighty crescendo!
Now they changed positions. Naturally I was disappointed, as I could no longer worship their union with my mouth. "Best for deep penetration" said Stuart. My wife's lover moved atop her, her legs against his strong shoulders, so that my ovulating wife was almost bent double, her feet pointing to the ceiling! His massive cock must have felt SO deep inside her, as she yelled, "God, you are so so big; SO much bigger than my husband! I love it, I love it!". Now there was no scope for me to 'lick their mating'; instead the 2 wonderfully stretched arseholes greeted my view. I licked Sandra's first. Loved it. Then the riskier one; my wife's lover's arse hole too got a right royal salivation. Indeed, was I surprised to hear her--I was commanded to stimulate the sensitive erogenous nerve bundles that line the anus of this god, using my nose & tongue. With his fine golden pubic hair in my face, I assisted him in building up a thicker, more potent batch of semen, saturating it with more sperm-per-milliter by licking inside his hot rectum!
Soon he was about to give. Yelling out, "Have my baby you hot bitch, take it", as he pumped his love DEEP inside my wife's fertile womb! Finally, exhausted, fully relieved, he rolled over. Meanwhile my wife placed a pillow under her bottom to retain that superior semen inside of her. His cock was still hard, & all shiny with their love-juices. Commanded my wife, "Lick him clean" I wrapped my mouth around that sweet tasting love-organ, & licked & sucked it in an attempt to lick it all nice & clean. I did not stop, & damn me, was I stunned, he soon started pulsing in my mouth. That stud had another instant erection. As my wife saw this she remarked, "What a stud! See? This is a guy for you! Always ready!" So once again, the stud bent my wife double, & there was a repeat performance. This time it naturally lasted even longer, meaning I had even longer to arse-lick! I loved it! Again, he gave her a wombful of his baby making semen.
That was only Christmas eve. Thereafter, they were at it like rabbits. My wife was like a bitch on heat, he the rampant super-stud. 5 days of torrid sex (sorry, of 'lovemaking'). What I loved was that in my 'to assist' mode, I was often made to kneel before my master, & to suck his cock to erection for my wife to take. I was in effect 'preparing him'. LOVED the taste of  his cock, very addictive it was. Me the cocksucker!
Then a few weeks after Christmas, it was confirmed. My wife was pregnant; this woman, my wife had been impregnated by a man, with me cuckold as witness to this lovely adultery !
Nearly 2 months gone now, Sandra is getting used to her coming motherhood, & loving pregnancy! And so am I, looking forward to bringing up another man's ...!



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