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I may castrate my cuckold hubby

Hi, we are a married couple, he is 46, I am 43. We have not been married long, but have been together for a long time. We are working hard at having a baby. We have been seeing a reproductive doctor, and are about to have my eggs harvested, and mixed with hubby's seed. While seeing my doctor the other day, (she is a lesbian) I made a small joke that once hubby has enough seed frozen, that I should just have him castrated... The doctor, she gave me a very interested look... I wonder...  You see, my hubby use to be a BULL, fuck wife's in front of their husbands, chase a lot of women.. He has a great cock, and knows how to use it.. He has asked me to help him to keep from straying to other women's beds... I have changed him from a BULL, to a cuckold. I have a couple of BULLs that now come over, and fuck both hubby and myself, (I just love to watch my "manly" husband get his ass raped). I have kept him in a CB-6000, but, because of his large cock, it is not very comfortable for him. Our children will be fathered by my husband, NOT a BULL, for family reasons, as well as my own..  I own my husband's ass, and I will carry his ..... Plus, it does make it so he would never have a reason to leave me, as having a ... by another man would sure be bad news for me in a divorce court. I am "customizing" his body for my taste. Starting to shave his legs, paint his toenails, getting him a tattoo over his heart of my name. I have already branded his ass twice with a hot iron. Each of his ass cheeks has a large "C" burned into it... I love showing those brands to my BULLs as they are fucking hubby.. i know that my customizing my hubby's body will make it very embarassing to him, should he ever want to undress in front of another woman..  Now I wonder, if castration might be the next step... With no balls, he would never want to leave me, as no other woman is going to want anything to do with a man who's balls were removed by a former wife..
  I have learned that by giving him hormones, I can still enjoy his nice cock whenever I want. He just would have no reason to be with another woman, nor would he ever be able to father children with another woman..  Right now, I am reasearching how to make hubby lactate, as my doctor has told me twins are a very good chance with the proceduures we are now doing.. Two babies will need twice the amount of milk. An added bonus, hubby can stay home and breast feed our babies while I go out on dates with my BULLs. I am a small woman, hubby is a big man, 6", 210. I have been fucked over by men in the past. This is the first time a man has totally given himself to me. I love him so much for it.. I never want to lose him. maybe castration is the way to go.. I will always have a BULL or two around to give me the extra cock I desire, plus, hubby is starting to enjoy having my BULLs ... him..  Maybe this is a first of many steps to turn my hubby into the sissy cuckold I need for a husband..
Honestly, even though your hubby has dedicated himself to being your cuck, I personally don't think you should lop off his nuts. I say that for a very simple reason: he has an 8 inch penis. That's quite impressive, especially for a white male (heck, he's over double what I am). His having a larger t...

Hi, we have been <a id="AdBriteInlineAd_visiting" target="_top" display="inline" keyword="visiting" title="replaced: url( b/images/green-double-underlin e-006600.gif) repeat-x 50% bottom; MARGIN-BOTTOM: -2px; PADDING-BOTTOM: 2px; CURSOR: pointer; COLOR: #006600; TEXT-DECORA...
Yes he should be castrated, I have a burdizzo.
I believe you are going in the correct direction with you cuck and your plan is wonderful..
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