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Rules for White wives and girlfriends


Rules for White Wives and other Black Cock Sluts


Especially those who cuckold their white husbands or white b/f




A white girl shall never say no to her black master—she shall serve as a shameless slut and whore with her full body and mind and with no holes barred for black use.
A white girl shall serve her black master’s friends and anyone he designates as enthusiastically as she serves her black master.
White girls shall walk, talk, act, dress, and wear the make-up and hairstyle desired by her black masters to show the world she is owned by blacks.
White girls shall NEVER provide sexual pleasure to white boys. White girls are only for the exclusive use of blacks.
White girls may tease, but they will deny white boys and fuck, and only fuck, blacks from this day forward.
White girls shall acknowledge that they were put on this earth to provide sexual pleasure to blacks and blacks only, and they shall set their ultimate goal to be a breeding whore for blacks.
White girls shall only accept healthy superior black seed bareback whenever possible.
White girls shall keep their pussy, ass, and mouth clean, fresh, powdered, and shaved for use by blacks at any time and any place blacks so desire.
White girls shall serve ALL legal age blacks at any time whether short, fat, tall, thin, rich, poor, clean, dirty, young or old - by tonguing ass, licking balls, sucking cock, and spreading their legs as wide as possible for pussy or ass usage by blacks.
White girls shall strive to be black fucked regularly anywhere anytime such as in the backseats of cars, on car hoods, picnic tables, grassy spots, alleyways, cheap hotels, marital beds—any place a horny black man wants her.
White girls shall willingly serve as party entertainment for blacks when desired including football parties, poker parties, bachelor parties or anywhere there is a gathering of blacks who what to party.
White girls shall carry cell phones and answer all calls from black masters on the first ring with “My cunt is yours Master.”
White girls shall have an “I am a slut for blacks” business card printed up for handing out to all blacks she meets containing her picture, contact number, slut and whore specialties, and a guarantee of full and complete satisfaction to all blacks who want to use her.
White girls shall have a black personal trainer to keep them in shape for black use. They shall give them their “I am a slut-for-black’s” business card, and dress, move, talk, and act seductively until their personal trainer is fucking them regularly.
White girls shall keep all holes clean and fresh for use by blacks, perform Kegel exercises daily to maximize black satisfaction, and use only black dildos and vibrators for tune-up, to work herself into a sexual frenzy for use by blacks.
White girls shall only orgasm from the cock, tongue, and fingers of a sexually superior black, never from a sexual aid, and especially NEVER from a white boy.
White girls are cherished by white boys and may be dominant to them, but they shall be submissive to blacks and relish being called whores, sluts, cunts, bitches, fuck-toys, holes, slaves, or cum-dumps, by their black masters.


A white girl may be branded, tattooed, chained, collared, nipple and cunt pierced and ringed for the satisfaction and amusement of her black masters.
White girls shall dress as skimpy, exposed, provocative, and naked underneath as possible for the visual enjoyment and ready use by blacks, and for the teasing and denial of white boys.
White girls shall give up their panties and underwear for white boys to wear while they are out dancing, seducing, and getting felt up by blacks.
A white girl who is fortunate enough to be impregnated by a black shall continue to fuck blacks until the last possible minute to reinforce her love and lust for black seed.
White girls may marry white boys, but only if the white boys are willing to follow the Rules for White Boys during the engagement, honeymoon, and marriage.
If a white girl violates any of these rules, the appropriate white boy (husband, boyfriend, or other) shall be stripped naked, bound, and caned and whipped severely in front of her until she begs sincerely for forgiveness and promises genuinely to obey her black masters in every way without limits. Repeated failures or serious infractions may also result in castration of the white boy.


I would love your comments, esp from BBC or other women, white men need not reply unless your have something worthy to say!

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Are you for real? Cuckolding is not about Black men Dominating white women. The fact that a "hot wife" enjoys black cock and that her husband also gets a thrill out of it, does not mean that she wants to be subservient to all black men.
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