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should black owned cucks be marked?

I am a black owned cuckold husband, my wife is owned by her black bull and has the permanant tattoo of the queen of spades on her ankle. she also wears a anklet that has the " I heart BBC". The question is now what should i do to show support of my wife and lover? Do cuck hubbys that are willing to accept black cock in their mouths and asses wear anything showing they are available for black cock? should i get a spade tattoo on my body or what? what do owned cucks do? would i be considered a queen of spade also even tho im a male? Leave me some suggestions on what you think i should do, such as tattoo or clothing or jewelry of some kind. Help me show support to my wife her black lover and all the superior black men ! If you are a black bull reading this let me know what your thoughts are too!
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This is a very good and valid questions and post. The short answer is that YES when we too are owned was should be marked by our owners. The has been put forward to me as well. The best ideas I have had are all tied to a tattoo over my ass cheek. I like image with a bull. Another I like is a BC...
Fuckin right you should be! ask your Bull if you could wear his "Brand", he may not have one now..but it won't take long!
chrissys cuck
thanks for the input so far, looking forward to more input and ideas. @ cockmunchboy- I have thought about a spade tattoo on my asscheek but wasnt sure if it should be the queen of spades or just a spade alone. A bull would be cool but rather large on my ass and i wanna keep it small. Its embarassin...
The reason for the ass cheek is in part because bulls like to mark their whores' where ownership is obvious: at near or around their cunts. My gf's bull uses my mouth and ass. A facial tattoo is silly. So the natural location is our ass cheeks. I'm of fond of "Property of Master XXX" and "black ...
I have often wondered the same thing. Too bad no one has suggested the symbol that might be significant.
hello, i have postet some same too, but not any answer. i think like you, and i'm looking for some who can tell me how a sissy or cuck should be marked or signed to show his adoring to bbc and cuckoldig.
kisses from ina
I am a white sissy boy,my ex girfrend and her black lover femenized and tattoed queen of spades on my left leeg.
So everyone can see i am Black Owned sissy.
I think my tatto on the legg is nice,everyone can see it
If it is the bull's will then yes!
i am a sissy gurl cuck also. and would very much love to be marked for bbc and others to know i am a sissy cuck.  i like the idea of the black cock tattoo above the ass cheek with "black owned" on it.  would anyone be able to draw a design so that i could have it to show a tattoo artist what i want.
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