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Asian Wife Gets Hooked On Sex With Black Men!

Hi! I am Philliy, I wanted to weigh in with a true story told by a friend of mine from the Philippines. She is a young Asian woman from SE Asia and married to an older, white American man. We became friends over the net. The reason I want to tell her story is because, It was a question of why Asian women like black men. See her husband wanted her to have sex with black men. At first she refused but finally did it because it was what he wanted and, like most Asian women, she very much wanted to please her husband and do what he asked. Her story as she told it to me:

"I am afraid I am going to end up just a poor girl who loses everything. I know what I am doing is wrong and I do not want to continue, but I'm helpless to stop. I am a young Filipina wife (31) married to a wonderful American man. We have been married 10 years. We have a nice home and I'm thankful for all that I have. My husband has been good to me, a good husband for me, and a good father to our children. After several years of marriage my husband told me he wanted me to have sex with black men and he wanted to watch. I agreed to do it because he wanted me to. At first it was fine - my husband was always there and we didn't do it very often. After a few months my husband said he didn't want me to do it anymore. I think he had a more difficult time dealing with me having sex with black men than he thought he would. Yes, it was exciting for him and we had some good sex ourselves afterward, but it bothered him to much and he wanted me to stop. I think it made him feel jealous and inadequate to watch me with black men. They were so much bigger and they could do it so long and so often and I became so aroused that it made my husband feel uneasy with the whole idea. I could tell it bothered him after the first few times I did it. When he told me to stop I wanted to. I wanted to do what he said like always but I couldn't.

I'm in a mess! I wanted to stop, but I couldn't. I found that I loved the sex with black men. I loved the excitement of it all and the feelings I got. I was always so filled and so satisfied afterward. I loved their huge ***** and how they could **** for so long and always make me come. I liked how rough and dominant they were. I liked their hard, muscular bodies and their cocky attitudes. They were real men. I did not want to hurt my husband and I did not want to lose my family. I never intended to let things get out of hand. I just wanted a little excitement, and I'm sorry now. I kept seeing some of my black lovers without my husband knowing. I was cheating on him. And they introduced me to others and I was having sex with them, too. I was out of control.

I wanted to do what my husband asked and stop seeing black men, but I missed it. I missed the excitement and the sex. Some of my friends were still seeing black men. They would tell me about their dates and how much fun they had and what fabulous lovers they were with and how big they were and all that. They all kept telling me that having sex with a black man was so fun and so much more satisfying than sex with their husbands. They would go out on a date then tell me how big they were, how they ****** for such a long time, and always make them come and all that. I felt like I was missing out, that life was slipping me by. My friends were still doing it, and I began going out with them sometimes to black clubs to dance. I intended just to dance and have a good time and not go home with any of the black men we met. Then I met this particularly aggressive, young, muscular, handsome black man. He was big, strong and very sure of himself. He seemed very taken with me. He was very charming to me. He was the first black man I had sex with after my husband told me he didn't want me to do any more black men. I had resisted at first but I couldn't resist this man. He was just too strong, too overpowering.

My husband is a sales manager and travels a good deal. This gives me lots of opportunities to go out. This particular black man I had met out dancing was always after me; he was very aggressive, and I finally agreed to go out with him on a date one weekend when my husband was out of town. I arranged for a babysitter and we went out clubbing. I put on my sexiest outfit. We danced and had drinks. I don't handle booze very well. It always makes me horny and it doesn't take much for me to feel it. I found myself very attracted to this man and super horny. I wanted him. I missed sex with black men and their huge ***** and muscular, hard bodies. Foolishly, I went to his place when the night club closed, and we ended up making love. We had sex many times and I came many times, both that night and next day. I spent most of the next day with him and we had sex several more times then went out again that night. I spent the night with him again. I lost track of how many times we made love. He was a fabulous lover with such a lean, hard, muscular body and such a huge, thick black ****. He must have been between 10 and 12 inches and thick. He was like those black **** stars in the movies.

When my husband came home I intended to stop, but I couldn't. I kept seeing him and making love to him. This black man, my new black lover, became very upset with me when I tried to refuse him, so, I did it again and kept doing it with him whenever he damanded. I lost track of how many times we made love. It was hard for me to tell him no. I was powerless with him, willing to do whatever he demanded. He expected me to do it with him anytime he wanted. He acted like I belonged to him now. It was like I had become his sex slave.

I **** him almost every day now because he won't let me say "no" and I **** him in the evenings whenever my husband is out of town.

He told other black men about me (he brags that I am his "Little Asian Ho"), including some friends of his who work at the same hospital where I work. Of course, and they wanted to **** me too. They said if I ****** him, then I should **** them also, and they got angry that I didn't want to. My lover took their side and insisted that I **** them, too. So now I'm ******* those black men, too, at the hospital. I am ******* all of them whenever they want me.

But now the other nurses at the hospital know I am ******* those black men at the hospital, and they have no respect for me.

All of these men are so big compared to my husband. I am now so used to their big ***** now my husband feels like nothing. I try to fake it with him, but I'm afraid he'll notice that things have changed. I wonder if I am stretched out now and if my husband can tell. I wonder if he can tell I never come with him now. I'm afraid that if my husband will finds out what I'm doing, I will lose everything. I love my husband and I love my family, but I can't say no to these black men. I think now I need it too bad to stop, but I am so afraid of my husband finding out.

Others should know they should never start this. If I knew I couldn't stop, I wouldn't have begun.

That is my friend's story. Apparently, she began to have sex with black men because her husband wanted her to do it but now she can't stop. Her husband discovered he didn't want her Fucking black men and told her to stop but she couldn't. She likes it too much now.
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What a hot story!!! Many hubby's want to see their wives get fucked until they realize that they are no longer in charge. They begin to realize they have lost all control and they become a true cuckold.
I guess this one did as well, but couldn't handle seeing his wife enjoying, getting fuck by another, plus by a black man. See this is why every area of this life style have to be look into by all parties, so far upon the expectation, boundsries! See I can say all that I want to say, but after the fi...
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