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Kenneth Nugent
Most memorable freaky sex you've ever had?
I want to know if anyone would care to share with the rest of the Cuckold family their most memorable sex moments ever. Don't be afraid to open up and be explicit. Curious minds await. You may just in...
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Time to pay your lil cock cuckie cum tax!
Your cock is so small you should penalized just for having someting so small sized atached to your body. Thats right, I want to hit you where it hurts, in your wallet, of course. You'll need to pay y...
looking 4 a pimp/bull??? look no further
Get served purrrrfectly!!!! Hmu here or 16204174636... text n pic only.. I am travel friendly... ks,tx,ok panhandle......
CatalystCon Vixen Snow Show on DrSuzy.Tv!
From a stimulating CatalystCon-versation to another bonoboësque after-party orgy on the kitchen table, this show is an eclectic amalgamation of sex education via verbal communication,physical demonstr...
White Male Submission
  It is time to explore this subject again. Attention needs to be drawn to this as it is rampant and pervasive and it's indicative of mental illness en masse. This was written about 10 years ago. I wi...