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What happened to the women for breeding?
When I first joined this site a few years ago, there were a lot of women claiming to want to be bred by black men. I can honestly say there have been 3 women who were actually real enough to meet. Hav...
The Executive and his wife
The Executive   It was very exciting even when we were driving to Mark’s Hotel overlooking Corpus ChristiBay. My husband knocked on his door and opening the door was Mark a very hansom Executive in a ...
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Driving naked.
Have you ever driven around naked?   I had meet my husband in downtown Corpus Christi for dinner one night last week and when we were on our way home from eating dinner on the waterfront my husband to...
1st Time
My wife is interested in trying out someone new! First timers!! Very attractive, clean 34 year old from Illinois....
next/fuck/made/*Have lock Meet Anal
D Job done her mom nerd via phone ߓ lol N.D....